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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting is the core of what we do at DDR Enterprises. We offer a complete range of Services in this arena. Below are some of the highlights.

Business and Marketing Assessments & Audit

The first step in planning the future of your organization is understanding the "State-of-the-Business" today. We at DDR Enterprises do a comprehensive Business and Marketing Assessments and Audits of your firm and your current strategies. Our assessments provide an objective view of:

    * Your Organization
    * Your Strategic Goals and Objectives
    * Your Current Market Positioning
    * Your Clients/Vendors Perception of your Business

Our Assessments provide valuable information on your firm. You live and breathe your business and as the old adage states we often cannot "see the forest for the trees". Our Assessments provide you with an objective view, one you may not always be aware of. We use a combination of personal contact, research and cutting edge tools to provide you with an accurate view of your current situation.

Our Assessments often result in highlighting practical strategies for improvement, and growth for your firm. They are the cornerstone to many of our Services.

Strategic Marketing

Taking your business to the "Next Level" is the hallmark of Marketing firms and Advertising Agencies. They all talk of the "Big Picture". But what is the "Big Picture"? At DDR Enterprises we learn from our clients what Their view of the big picture is. Regardless of your perspective, your Strategic plan defines the overall nature of your business. Having a concise and realistic Strategic vision of your firm is the single most important component of a successful company.

DDR Enterprises will help you determine and effectively communicate this Strategic Vision. We will guide you in determining specific as well as conceptual Strategic Goals and Objectives. Our expertise will also provide you with the Tactical Implementation plan to help you reach your Strategic Goals. We emphasize the development of our clients' own marketing and strategic planning capacities. Although we offer a complete breadth of services - from planning to marketing program execution - we also seek to build our clients' marketing skills and resources through facilitated processes and coaching.

Product Plans

The Product or Service Suite you offer your clients are the vehicles that bring revenue to your firm. Using a military analogy, these are the weapons you provide your forces, Sales Team, with to meet your customers needs.

DDR Enterprises will not only analyze the effectiveness of these offerings, but through research and our industry expertise help guide you in augmenting these into powerful Competitive Differentiators. Additionally, should you choose to exploit new market sectors, a concrete Product Suite can make or break your new efforts.

Web Marketing

The Internet today is rapidly becoming the prime media for disseminating information on your firm to the world at large. Recent statistics also indicate the Internet is becoming the primary avenue for the purchase of Goods and Services. Take the just passes Thanksgiving Holiday. "Black Friday" generated sales approximately 1% higher than last year, while "Web Monday" generated over 33% higher revenues. And these were for more than just product purchases, they were for service offerings as well.

DDR Enterprises can help your firm navigate this arena. We will wrap your internet strategy into your Strategic Plan. We can Design, Develop and Implement your Web-Site. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services which will allow your site to land high on the major search engines, so customers can find you.

In Summary, DDR Enterprises can not only plan but also produce the appropriate mix of Internet media and technology you need for your business.

Brand Identity

Building a Company Brand Identity is far more that merely creating a logo or coming up with a catchy name for your products. Branding is one of the keys to successfully marketing your firm. The "Brand Identity" you choose communicates so much to your targeted audience. Creating a Brand is the tactical Implementation of your Overall Marketing Strategy. It is the words, message, image and perception you are providing to the world at large.

There are many steps along the way to creating an effective Branded Image. When you launch a branding campaign, you start by asking the following questions:

Who are your customers?

Why are they different from your non-customers?

What do they value?

Do they associate that value with our brand?

What do we want our brand to stand for in the future?

Can our organization deliver those values?

 It’s essential that your branding message be integrated into every aspect of your organization. It’s critical that it is presented clearly and concisely. We help you on this path. Our background can help those creative juices flowing in determining the message you wish to convey. We can help you develop an effective Marketing Plan, assist you in the various methods to communicate your image. We can also provide you with the full services of an advertising agency, if you wish, for a fraction of their costs.

So when you are trying to either increase your Brand Awareness, come up with a new Branded Image or Enter into a New Market, DDR Enterprises can help guide you on your quest.

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