Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Increase Revenue

New Market Penetration

Expanding your business to new Market Sectors is one method to add incremental revenue to your firm. However, having been successful in your primary Market does not automatically mean that you will be successful in a new one. DDR Enterprises will help you define and exploit these new arenas. We will identify Markets that closely resemble your primary market and help create the most effective Product or Service Suite needed to meet the challenging demands of the new market.

However, exploiting a new market is more than just picking the right Product Suite, it also entails the needs for Sales Skills, Marketing Collateral, Billing Platforms and all the supporting mechanisms required for the new arena. DDR will help plan and implement these requirements.

Sales Development

Is your Sales Force not achieving their goals? Are the Goals too High or are they not implementing appropriately? These are some of the questions DDR can answer for you.

Getting the best out of your Sales Force is more than simply offering more commissions. There is a whole process as to why people successfully sell. Or years of experience in organizing sales team allow us to objectively analyze your present situation and recommend modifications to allow your Sales Team to excel and succeed.

Channel Marketing

The development of Alternate Sales Channels can add significant additional revenue to your firm. Whether you view these Channels as Referral Partners; Private label Resellers or Affiliate Partners, these additional Sales Channels can help you reach markets and customers you might not have reached through your traditional sales methods.

DDR Enterprises will assist you in Planning, Organizing, Training and Maintaining these relationships. Regardless of whether you market commodity products or specialized services there is a Channel Program for your firm, and DDR can help make it a reality.

Lead Generation

Finding the right leads for your business can be a daunting task. Cold Calling, Telemarketing; Direct Mail campaigns are frequently called "tried and true" methods for generating leads. But ask yourself something, "Does it make sense for my firm and its reputation if I get only a 1% - 2% return on these efforts?" Well those are the success rates for those methods.

DDR Enterprises can organize and develop a program to provide you with the Right business leads. Leads where your hit ratio will be greatly improved over the traditional ""Tried and True" methods. We utilize advanced techniques of Database Management and Data Mining to refine the probabilities of success and get you the leads your sales team needs to increase your bottom line.


"There are many more ways of Increasing your Revenue than just Selling More..."


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