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Creative Marketing

Web & Logo Design

The decision you have in choosing the appropriate firm to Design and Develop you Web Site as well as your Company or Product Logo’s is almost as critical as the work itself. Yes, you can have a nephew who knows computers do it or purchase the $8.95 per month do-it-yourself plan from a hosting firm. But what are you getting for your money? Are you going to look Professional? Are you going to look different than everyone else out there? Chances are you are not.

DDR Enterprises can Design, Develop and Implement your web site. Your site will be custom designed to meet your needs and allow you to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. And since your Web Presence and Internet Strategy are a component of your overall strategy, your message will not be fractionated or lost.

Insofar as the creative look to your Logo’s and Images, DDR Enterprises uses Graphic Designers and Artists who are trained to listen to your vision and produce the images that convey what you want them to say. So Think of DDR if you want to differentiate your look from every other Tom, Dick and Harry in your market.

Marketing Collateral

Your Marketing Collateral says a lot about your firm. Your Collateral is what is left behind with your prospects after the salesman leaves or after the call ends. You want it to be a reflection of you and carry your message to these prospects.

We view the Collateral as an outgrowth of your overall Strategic Marketing Plan. Collateral is often confused with Branding, but is truly the visual realization of a Part of your Branding. Regardless of whether you favor Hard Copy Print Collateral or E-Based, DDR Marketing can Design and Produce your professional Marketing Collateral.

Print Advertising

Providing your Hard Copy Print Collateral is a service DDR Marketing offers. Whether you need Business Cards, Stationary, Sales Flyers, Product Catalogs or Brochures We can Design and Print what you need. Our expert Artists and Designers will help visualize your Branded Image and reflect the physical reality of your Strategic Vision.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonial Advertising and Case Studies (Success Stories) are excellent Sales aids. DDR Marketing can help you uncover these success stories. We will organize them, write them and produce them for your firm.


'What we project to the Outside World culminates into the Message of what and who we are..."

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